Our Philosophy

Many moons ago (or in 2006) we were called the Think Tank Ninjas. Why Ninjas? Scores of people have asked this question over the years when they first hear about the Ninjas at Think Tank.

Why Ninjas indeed…

We say we’re the power behind the scenes. Like the stealthy Ninjas our CEO loved watching in movies as a child, Ninjas are always behind the scenes doing the hard work.

So, why Ninjas? Because your competition won’t see you coming, your customers won’t know what hit them, the world will never quite be the same again. Sure, the concept started as a silly joke back in 2006, but it has developed into a company culture, our philosophy, and what makes us unique.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services that will blow our clients’ socks off. Wait, is that not a “proper” mission statement? That’s okay. Sometimes things don’t need to be proper – they just need to be true. And while we blow our clients’ socks off, we are also committed to giving back to our community, paying it forward, and doing the good things in life that Ninjas aren’t exactly famous for. Who needs a mission statement when you’re a Ninja anyway?

Our Team

Trish Cheatham Think Tank PR and Marketing CEO and founderTrish Cheatham Think Tank PR and Marketing CEO and founder

Trish Cheatham


Think Tank Kevin Zimarik senior creative directorThink Tank Kevin Zimarik senior creative director

Kevin Zimarik

Senior Creative Director

Think Tank Dave Ekstrand web developerThink Tank Dave Ekstrand web developer

Dave Ekstrand

Web Developer

Think Tank Matthew Dougherty web developerThink Tank Matthew Dougherty web developer

Matt Doughetry

Web Developer

Think Tank Jeff Jourdain graphic designerThink Tank Jeff Jourdain graphic designer

Jeff Jourdain

Graphic Designer

Think Tank Madeline Imig graphic designerThink Tank Madeline Imig graphic designer

Madeline Imig

Graphic Designer

Think Tank Annie Finan graphic designerThink Tank Annie Finan graphic designer

Annie Finan

Graphic Designer

Think Tank Lara Wyatt account executiveThink Tank Lara Wyatt account executive

Lara Wyatt

Account Executive

Think Tank Brice Bement account executiveThink Tank Brice Bement account executive

Brice Bement

Account Executive

Think Tank Emma Kramer Search StrategistThink Tank Emma Kramer Search Strategist

Emma Kramer


Think Tank Katherine Egan copywriterThink Tank Katherine Egan copywriter

Katherine Egan


Think Tank Emily Guyer copywriterThink Tank Emily Guyer copywriter

Emily Guyer


Think Tank Joe Whalen Video Editor/VideographerThink Tank Joe Whalen Video Editor/Videographer

Joe Whalen

Video Editor/Videographer

Think Tank Dylan Kress Video Editor/VideographerThink Tank Dylan Kress Video Editor/Videographer

Dylan Kress

Video Editor/Videographer

Think Tank Ashlynn Prince Motion Graphics DesignerThink Tank Ashlynn Prince Motion Graphics Designer

Ashlynn Prince

Motion Graphics Designer

Think Tank Sarah Nelson Social Media ManagerThink Tank Sarah Nelson Social Media Manager

Sarah Nelson

Social Media Manager