Katherine Egan copywriter

Katherine Egan | Copywriter

Originally from St. Louis, Katherine and her family moved away in 2004 to the Chicagoland Area. After 17 years, Katherine returned to her hometown and decided to set some roots with Think Tank.

Katherine has always had a knack for anything and everything creative. From singing and playing instruments to drawing and painting, she’s tried and loved it all. However, what stole her heart was literature. 

From a young age, Katherine fell into storybooks with the enthusiasm of someone stuck in a desert finding an oasis. Her love for reading quickly translated into writing her own stories, and by the time she took her first creative writing course in high school, her mind was made up; she was going to be a writer. 

After graduating from Columbia College Chicago, Katherine spent time writing and honing her skills before accepting her position as a copywriter at Think Tank. Now, she uses her love for language daily, creating stories for clients. 

When Katherine is not creating for Think Tank, she loves spending time with her family and friends, writing, and going horseback riding.

Playing tennis: 50%

Daydreaming: 50%

Listening to Music: 80%

Saying “Sorry, I eat Gluten-Free”: 100%

Finishing One Book Before Starting Another: 1%