About the Think Tank difference

Think. Create. Solve.

Think Tank is a boutique marketing firm that strives to deliver exceptional results by implementing the extraordinary. We know that creating a unique position for companies takes a clear, focused message and the ability to connect in a meaningful way with a brand’s audience. We work with each client to develop that message and to garner the attention and results they desire.

We listen to our clients’ unique challenges, brainstorm as a collaborative team, implement creative solutions and propel our clients to the next level.

Think. Create. Solve. It’s just what we do.

BrainstormingEverything starts with a dream. A thought. A desire. And from that dream comes the doodle on a napkin, a jingle hummed in the shower, a phrase written on a sticky note.

That’s creativity.

At Think Tank we believe the little things turn into great things – and those great things happen when you put a bunch of extraordinary people (ahem, Ninjas) in a room with a white board and say, “GO!” This is where the magic begins – where the design starts to form, the campaigns begin to come to shape, the brand strategies shape into a life of their own.

Ninja creativity.

Think Tank is a full-service agency that is proud to do things differently than those “other guys”. We understand that creativity is born when we come together as a team, throw down ideas, and are fearless in our thought processes. After all, that’s when goosebump campaigns are born and a client takes flight.

Fearless creativity.

From our hub in St. Louis we take our fearless creativity nationwide – even worldwide – and aim to show the world what a doodle on a napkin, a jingle hummed in a shower or a phrase on a sticky note can become.

  • Doodling on Napkins 98%

  • Humming Jingles in the Shower 92%

  • Sticky Note Prowess 85%

  • Hobnobbing Abilities 88%

  • Goosebump Campaigns 100%