Think Tank Jeff Jourdain Graphic Designer

Jeff Jourdain | Graphic Designer

You could say Jeff has come a pretty long way from the days of creating websites in a broom closet of a computer repair shop. He got his start in the Web 2.0 days (circa 2008) which sparked a passion for all things design. Since then he’s been consuming all kinds of media, sifting through inspiration, and honing his design chops to keep creating awesome things. Although he’s not classically trained, his scrappy nature, and pursuit of new ideas keeps him striving for excellence on every project he works on.

Originally born and raised in the St. Louis area, he did a brief stint in the Queen City of the Ozarks (aka Springfield, MO) before moving back home this year.

When he’s not pushin’ pixels or doodling on whatever is around, you can find him moonlighting as an online personality of a live streaming broadcast, or with his hands full as a new puppy parent.

Laughing at Own Jokes: 75%

Pop Culture References: 90%

Eating Chicken Wings: 100%

Compulsive Doodling: 100%

Car Karaoke: 62%