Ashlynn Prince | Motion Graphics Designer

Born and raised in a small town in Arkansas, Ashlynn fell in love with city life when she moved to Saint Louis to attend Webster University. At Webster, she earned a Bachelor’s in Animation to pursue her dream of becoming an animator.

Growing up, Ashlynn was always captivated by animated characters and their stories. Over time, she realized that she was in love with animation. From concepting stories to whipping out a pen and sketching out an idea, she loves being part of the creative process. She has found some amazing friends that share her passion and can often be found having in-depth conversations with them about the intricacies of animation – especially if it comes to her favorite animated shows. 

When she is not bringing characters to life on her drawing tablet, Ashlynn can be found spoiling her dogs and cats, trying new cafés around Saint Louis, and rewatching The Office for the 257th time.

Animating: 99%

Cuddling her Dogs: 100%

Keeping her cats away from her plants: 2%

Drinking Chai Lattes: 85%

Having a New Favorite Song every week: 60%