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Matt Dougherty | Web Developer

Matt was born in the south, but his dad worked for the Department of Defense, so they moved around quite a bit until settling in St. Louis when Matt was about 12 years old.

His dad was into programming, so Matt got bitten by the coding bug very early on in life. It all started out innocently enough, making the random website here and there for fun and for friends. But then he got serious – around the age of 13 or 14, he started coding his own browser game.

When not nerding out over C++ and PHP, Matt enjoys playing video games, going to the gym, driving his car, and spending time with his son and fiancée.

Daydreaming About Cars He Can’t Afford: 80%

Quoting The Office: 100%

Rooting for a Sports Team: 2%

Shooting Unsuspecting Coworkers with a Nerf Gun: 95%