The Lifestyle Center

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The Lifestyle Center presented Think Tank with a unique opportunity to expand their brand and present their services to an audience of new and existing patients alike as they relocated their business.

Richard Moore, M.D., opened The Lifestyle Center in 2003 with the goal of providing services that helped his patients to look and feel better about themselves while promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

With a strategic and innovative campaign involving social, digital, and video, we worked diligently to promote The Lifestyle Center’s leading-edge aesthetic care.

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During our time working with The Lifestyle Center, our campaigns focused on not only the variety of services the brand offered, but also to make them an absolute leader in SEO.

Throughout those campaigns, Think Tank was tasked with finding a distinct voice for the brand while we skillfully created campaigns for each service. We heavily focused on search engine optimization (SEO) as most patients were using Google to find the services The Lifestyle Center offered. We also launched an original video series to not only show patients firsthand the services The Lifestyle Center provides, but also to help with organic SEO efforts and awareness of the brand.

In 2017, Dr. Moore opened The Edge for Men, a sister company to The Lifestyle Center. After years of providing patients with state-of-the-art aesthetic care at The Lifestyle Center, he recognized a need for a center that is focused exclusively on men and their concerns.

Think Tank was instrumental in completely launching this new brand. We secured URLs, developed websites and landing pages, established robust SEO efforts from scratch, delved into innovative social and PR campaigns, and were able to target a whole different audience with different concerns – men.

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In 2019, The Lifestyle Center and The Edge For Men began including procedures such as CoolSculpting, Plasma Pen, and Jeuveau (#Newtox) at both locations.

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Disrupting the medical field one campaign at a time.

Think Tank’s bold approach with The Lifestyle Center pushed our creativity to a whole new level. The medical field is one we have always been interested in disrupting from a marketing aspect through a series of targeted, eye-catching campaigns to reach the people in need of medical attention.