Arcobasso Foods

branding + packaging + website design

Arcobasso Foods came to Think Tank with an interesting challenge: create a name, branding, and design packaging for a new product that we want to pitch to Walmart – all within one week.

Arcobasso Foods is a St. Louis based-brand with an impressive national presence – boasting over 25 years of product development manufacturing quality food items for restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers. This was an incredible opportunity for our client since they would present their product to the masses in prime shelf space.

We worked hard to name this new product, along with creating branding and an eye-catching packaging design. Through long hours, countless brainstorming sessions, and much careful thought, we breathed life into a new, exciting product and prepared to launch it in stores.

buffalo sauce drip
polynesian sauce drip
Arcobasso Wingman Sauces
Arcobasso Foods Wingman sandwich sauce

After the success of Wingman, Think Tank was tapped to work on other unique brands under the Arcobasso Foods umbrella.

In addition to Wingman, Think Tank has redesigned Arcobasso’s Jero cocktail mixer line, updated their Major Peters packaging, and also designed and crafted the concept of their “Ranchality” virtual reality experience with Panera Bread Company at the NACS Show in Las Vegas in 2018.

buffalo sauce drip
Arcobasso Foods Jero mixers
polynesian sauce drip

The product was a huge win for Arcobasso Foods and opened up new opportunities for the brand when Walmart also asked them to make sandwich spreads and develop a website for the Wingman brand.

After Wingman was placed with such success in Walmart stores through the United States, we worked to give the brand a voice – a fun, smart-alecky, in-your-face voice that resonated with the Walmart shopper and brought a little fun to their lives.

We also went to work creating packaging for sandwich spreads, sales sheets, and point of sale items for the brand.

Wingman website mockup

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These successes set Arcobasso Foods up for acquisition by Golding Farms.

Our strategy for these fast-paced projects not only helped take Wingman Sauces to market, but it also created a positive scenario for the brand to be acquired by giant Golding Farms. Today, Arcobasso Foods sits under the umbrella of Golding Farms after providing nearly 30 years of quality, custom dressings, and sauces for the food industry.