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Kräftig hired Think Tank to do something extremely exciting: rebrand the company and give it a fresh look in the market as they expanded market share.

Founded in 2011, William K. Busch Brewing Company produced two premium American lagers – Kräftig and Kräftig Light. Both lagers were brewed with only the finest, all-natural ingredients – pure water, Hallertau hops, malt from two- and six-row barley, and proprietary yeast. Billy Busch founded the company to create a second chapter in the Busch family brewing history. He is the great-grandson of Adolphus Busch and a member of one of the most storied families in American brewing.

With a strategic and innovative campaign launched in social, digital, traditional advertising and video, we completely changed the look and feel of the brand.

Kraftig eblast mockup
Kraftig light beer case

In April 2017, the new look and brand identity rolled out to the public as we helped the Kräftig team expand into new territories.

Our tasks included creating the new slogan “Get Back to Beer,” a completely, new look, new primary and secondary packaging, and a brand new marketing strategy to both consumers and distributors. In October 2018, we launched the next big initiative for Kräftig – a partnership with RealTree and launch of new Kräftig Camo Cans. This initiative alone increased sales by over 25 percent.

During our time with Kräftig, their beer earned multiple prestigious awards. This includes Gold (2017) and Silver (2017, 2018) in the Denver International Beer Competition, the Missouri Lager Brewer of the Year (2018), Silver in the U.S. Open Beer Championships (2018), and several others.

In 2019, Kräftig developed a relationship with the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation (MCHF) after making a donation to support conservation and youth education statewide.

With water being a key ingredient used in their award-winning beer, a partnership then formed with efforts focused on providing clean water in the state of Missouri. From here, a new campaign titled “Purity is Our Priority” was launched. Included was a line of limited-edition primary and secondary packaging showcasing the outdoors, specifically fishing. Through this partnership, a portion of the proceeds would go back to the MCHF.

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Kraftig camo packaging

A legacy born and raised in St. Louis.

Think Tank is proud to have worked with the Busch family in their efforts to achieve new venues for success in the beer industry.

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