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Fazio’s Specialty Foods came to Think Tank with a big challenge: help them gain market share and shelf space for their frozen product lines.

While this century-old company excels in producing quality Italian products from the freshest ingredients, they needed a leg up in the commercial world.

Fazio’s is a family-owned St. Louis-based company that has been in business since 1902 as a bakery and then expanded into frozen Italian specialty foods like toasted and boiled raviolis in 1983.

After conducting extensive market research, Think Tank proposed shaking things up with all-new branding, refreshed packaging, and updated messaging. We worked hard to position Fazio’s in the spotlight on social media, and we curated a message that highlighted their time-honored tradition of using only the best ingredients.

Fazios handing holding toasted ravioli
Fazios packaging lineup
Fazios fork in meatball
Fazios meat sauce

After the success of the new packaging designs, we knew it was time to bring Fazio’s into the next century by utilizing social media to connect with consumers.

100 years ago social media didn’t exist, but now it is integral to a brand. We set out to connect with consumers while also creating brand awareness B2B to encourage other retailers and distributors to carry Fazio’s products.

We connected with consumers by running a “Win Fazio’s for a Year” campaign and also helped launch new frozen products to the market like Toasted Guacamole.

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Fazios hand holding toasted ravioli

The redesigned packaging was so well received that Think Tank was then tasked to redesign packaging for other brands Fazio’s co-packs for.

Fazio’s provides co-packing services to several major brands and those brands also wanted to increase market share with updated and appealing packaging, so we set out to redesign all of those as well.

Aside from bringing them in front of more consumers, we also helped Fazio’s connect with a new distributor. This enabled them to increase market share and attain prime placement in grocery stores throughout the Greater St. Louis region.

Fazios phone mockups

A family business making it happen for generations to come.

Think Tank is excited to continue working with Fazio’s and help the brand expand their product lines along with their overall reach. While they serve St. Louis and the surrounding areas, we are aiming to create additional white-label partnerships with grocers throughout the Midwest.

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