Dogtown Pizza

social media + video production + public relations + graphic design

Dogtown Pizza came to Think Tank with an exciting prospect: Grow our brand in B2B and B2C markets as we expand with into new territories and new product lines.

Dogtown Pizza is a St. Louis born and raised provider of frozen pizzas, which can be found at grocers large and small, big name chains, and small specialty stores. We loved the challenge they presented us and went to work utilizing a well-crafted social media plan that played on video and public relations strategies.

At first, our job was to appeal to distributors and retail outlets while convincing the public that purchasing a Dogtown Pizza was the popular thing to do. With well-received campaigns like “Marry a Dogtown Pizza” where a late-night St. Louis TV host literally married one of their pizzas and “Win Pizza for a Year,” we made them more appealing to the millennial market.

In 2016, we focused on the Dogtown brand to expand into the gourmet cookie line and launched another new line September 2017 called “Dogtown Entrées,” which has helped their business explode.

Platforms utilized for the client included social, digital, video, print advertising, commercial production, point-of-sale, well-placed public relations, and vendor management.

By utilizing Think Tank, Dogtown Pizza’s social media following increased by more than 200% and garnered the direct attention of new retailers. Specifically, the “Win Pizza for a Year” social media campaign yielded almost 5,000 email sign-ups – and emails are worth their weight in gold when it comes to marketing.

From a modest kitchen to a robust business, Dogtown Pizza has come a long way. That’s right, this family-owned business started out of a home kitchen.

Early on, Dogtown Pizza possessed the ability to create and sell a couple of hundred pizzas a week. With new business strategies, effective marketing campaigns, and proper public relations placements, company sales soared from 30,000 pizzas made per month to more than 75,000.

Listen to owners Rick and Meredith Schaper talk about what it’s like to make your business dreams a reality in this video we produced

Dogtown Pizza
Dogtown Pizza social media mockup

Our client’s story goes beyond selling pizza.

It’s about family and friends – old neighbors and new neighbors alike. It’s about block parties, cook-outs, camp-outs and having fun. They take pride in and are honored to provide families with food they enjoy as a family, too. Great ingredients, well-prepared and carefully assembled into a fun, quick, nutritious meal that customers can take pride in baking for their family: that’s what Dogtown Pizza is about.

Dogtown Pizza billboard