Church on the Rock

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Church on the Rock approached Think Tank with a mission for their future as a church: spread the word of God to millennials with an authentic, compassionate message.

Founded in 1983 by Pastor David Blunt, Church on the Rock is located in St. Peters, Missouri, and is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Through the years, the church has grown into a vibrant congregation with a vision to impact its city, the nation, and the world. There was only one concern: the church was sorely lacking in millennial parishioners and struggled to reach them. Church on the Rock asked Think Tank to help come up with a plan to attract younger people to their services.

Our team came together and came up with an innovative plan to help Church on the Rock with their initiative: a solid campaign with consistent, inspirational messaging ever-present through social media, digital, video, email marketing, public relations, unique print pieces, media buying, television placements of sermons, and more.

Church on the Rock billboard
Church on the Rock tshirt and mug

Church on the Rock and Think Tank joined forces to help expand their numbers with their Kingdom Builders series.

Pastor Blunt wanted to emphasize the idea that when his congregants put God first, everything else will fall into place. We loved the idea of doing something bigger than ourselves and making a difference in the community, so we launched ourselves headfirst into this series.

With a targeted campaign accompanied with striking graphics, compelling videos, and digital marketing, we were able to help Church on the Rock’s diverse congregation grow and interact more frequently – and deeply – with the church. Outreach also increased when Church on the Rock added services and videos in Spanish for speakers of the language and those who wanted to expand their horizons.

Church on the Rock poster

Church on the Rock opens the gates to potential parishioners with their “God Is For You” campaign.

With local church services and live streaming broadcasts, Pastor Blunt’s messages challenge and inspire people to grow closer to God and serve others. However, before they approached us, their average age of their congregants was 42. We helped Church on the Rock spread the word with eye-catching billboards, social media graphics, digital media, encouraging blogs, and t-shirt designs that all conveyed the same message: God Is For You.

This bold, uplifting statement touched millennials and young families and drew them toward the church. We saw an increase in interaction on social media and, in turn, a larger crowd during services and viewership on television.

Church on the Rock Kingdom Builder logo

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Church on the Rock has opened the door for a positive and long-lasting experience with God.

Think Tank truly enjoyed working with Pastor Blunt and his team, and are excited to watch his congregation grow, making their church a rock for countless in the Greater St. Louis area and beyond to cling to.