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The oldest college in Illinois, McKendree University asked Think Tank to help expand their reach through their online programs. The mission: increase awareness and find potential students.

McKendree University is dedicated to providing a high-quality educational experience to its students, instilling within them a passion and dedication to lifelong learning in an atmosphere of open dialogue, free inquiry, and mutual respect. While McKendree succeeded in its mission by offering a robust array of bachelor’s and master’s degrees on their campuses, the university wished to grow their outreach through their online courses. McKendree University asked Think Tank to help create a buzz and bolster their online presence.

We put on our thinking caps to begin strategizing how to catapult McKendree University ahead of their competitors. With a targeted campaign encompassing social media, digital, video, public relations, email marketing, media buying, and more, we launched the university farther down the road to success.

McKendree University billboard
McKendree University billboard
McKendree University poster mockup

As it grew, McKendree Online began garnering attention and accolades.

As the university’s online repertoire grew, it began turning heads and earning several awards each year. They were listed among the top 100 Best Online Programs in the nation, according to the U.S. News & World Report. Affordable Colleges Online also listed McKendree Online among Illinois’s top universities for lifetime return on investment. This spoke volumes for nontraditional students looking to receive excellent education.

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With the help of an innovative campaign, we helped McKendree University turn the impossible to “I’m possible.”

McKendree knew full well how inundated students’ lives often become, especially those who want to further their education while balancing work and family life. The university wanted to bridge the gap and reach out to those who found adding education to their already full plate nearly impossible. That’s when we came up with our “ImPossible” campaign.

Using video, billboards, print, social media, and more, Think Tank created and expanded upon the message that anyone can benefit from McKendree Online, no matter how busy they may be.

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Much like their diverse students, McKendree University is set on the path toward success.

We are proud of how the online program has grown to incorporate a variety of degrees, including business administration, psychology, criminal justice, nursing, education, and more. We enjoyed working together with McKendree University and have faith that their online degrees will continue expanding, offering their students unlimited possibilities with a few clicks of a mouse.