Think Tank Moves to Raeder Place

We’re Movin’ On Up!

Well, the cat is finally out of the bag! After months of searching, planning and exploring Think Tank is officially moving our corporate headquarters to Laclede’s Landing in downtown St. Louis.

That’s right, we’re movin’ on up. You can call us The Jeffersons.

While we will still keep a small office in the Edwardsville, IL area we are moving our main headquarters to 5,400 fabulous square feet in the Raeder Place Building located at 727 1st Street in downtown. This new location offers us room for all the expansion we’ve done over the past year as well as a place to house our sister company, White Buffalo Film Studios.IMG_9674

The new space has some cool agency-like qualities like floor-to-ceiling walls of windows overlooking the Mississippi River, 15 foot ceilings, 10 foot doors, two large conference rooms with some super rad features, cool iron posts, brick walls and so much more. Oh and the kitchen….we won’t bore you waxing poetic about our dishwasher.  But ahhhhhhhhh a dishwasher! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that the Old Spaghetti Factory is in our building too as the smell of garlic bread sometimes wafts into the elevator. Mmmmmm….garlic bread….

Since our explosive growth in 2014 we really had no option but to expand to a larger space. (Unless the Boss Ninja wanted a mutiny with nearly 20 people sharing 1,800 square feet and one toilet in our current space. Um, yes, you may need to reread that again….can you say a toilet queue all day long?!)

After looking all throughout southern Illinois and the city of St. Louis we finally found a place that felt like home in Laclede’s Landing. With the CityArchRiver project underway steps away from the Landing we felt it was the prime time to settle down in a place we could help revitalize and get people excited about again. The Landing has seen many rebirths and with the new biking and running trails, space for outdoor concerts, art installations and a new museum at the Arch, the Landing is poised to become a jewel in the city. And we adore that.

Us Ninjas love the artsy vibe of the Landing and all of our fabulous new neighbors who are so passionate about growing in the city of St. Louis. We love directing tourists to the Arch when we are walking around and, let’s face it, with all of the food and activity going on down on the Landing there is never a dull moment. Simply stated, we fell in love. #swoon

So now we are in the middle of construction madness – tearing down walls, adding new ones, taking up carpet, staining concrete floors and painting, painting, painting and, um yeah, more painting. We can’t wait to show you the final product once we are finished and make Suite 340 our home mid-June.  (Yes, only a few weeks away! Hooray!)

So, until then, watch our progress as we post construction photos on Facebook and Instagram and become our most favorite people in the world if you want to stop by and do some painting – because, well, with 5,400 square feet of space there is A. LOT. OF. PAINTING. TO. DO. You’ll know you’re at the right suite when you walk up and hear “Movin’ On Up” or “Eye of the Tiger” blaring from the speakers. (That is unless the Boss Ninja is there…..then you’ll just hear Bon Jovi songs and her singing very, very loudly along to “Bad Medicine” or some other 80’s tune. We apologize in advance!)

Here’s to movin’ on up!

2 thoughts on “We’re Movin’ On Up!

  1. Congratulations!
    I hope you consider including offices for rent to freelancers who admire your fun & altruistic culture.

  2. We’ll certainly consider that, Jana, and really hope you stop by and visit us once we are moved in!

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