Yep, We Got It Goin’ On

I think it is time to admit I have an addiction. Yes, you’ve heard about my fascination and adoration of designer shoes, I’ve talked about my anger at being shorted two “fingers” worth of beer, I’ve spoken of my great respect for my competitors. But, there is something else I have been hiding from you. “What? What? The Head Ninja is HIDING something from us?!”, you ask.  How could the girl who is in constant pain from the tall shoes she wears, who laughs with her head thrown back and mouth wide open at the slightest of jokes, and who tells everyone her life story when she meets them be – gasp! – holding something back?

Well I have been.

I, my friends, am obsessed with the rock band Bon Jovi. I know, I know. You are shocked. It has been my dirty little secret since I was 13 years old. Yes, an entire (cough) 16 years. And, no, I haven’t seen the inside of a rehab facility. . . yet. . .

Why is it that I love them so? Why is it that every time I see them performing on TV I stop and sit mesmerized at their performance as if I am in a trance? Why is it that every time Jon is interviewed I sit with a Cheshire cat-like grin on my face and watch as I hold my breath? I’ll tell you why. It’s because they are awesome. (And, okay, Jon is really, really hot…) Wait, wait – stop smiling Trish! – make your point. Sheesh.

Jon Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is an incredible machine. I fell in love with them as a kid because their music rocked. I loved the big hair, the big guitar solos, the tight pants, the energetic performances – everything. I love them as an adult for different reasons. What I’ve realized is that – yeah, the guys are incredible song writers, but what they do right is that their songs are upbeat and positive. They give you that invincible feeling that you can do ANYTHING. Have you ever heard Bon Jovi fans talk about the “Church of Bon Jovi”? What they are talking about is the nearly religious experience you have as you listen to their music. It is so positive, so uplifting, so INSPIRING. It is incredible.

I actually do my best thinking listening to Bon Jovi.

The other thing I love about Bon Jovi and respect about the group is that they GET branding. They are a marketing machine. Sure, they are great musicians and write rockin’ songs. But, they understand how to build their brand. They understand how to constantly be changing and to build brand awareness and, most importantly, brand loyalty. Bon Jovi fans are steadfast, and crazy, and well – let’s face it – some of those chicks need to do away with the big feathered hair and leather jackets – but their fans are LOYAL.

How do they do it? How have these guys created this machine? Continue reading “Yep, We Got It Goin’ On”