Is Ninjaology REALLY Another Name For Company Culture?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to company culture. What exactly defines “company culture”? Sure, we all think of the powerhouse Walmart and their almost fanatical approach to company culture – nearly everyone has heard about the meetings at Walmart where employees yell out their company cheer like they are going into a SuperBowl overtime. It seems a bit over the top, a bit “socialist”. . .and yet. . .and yet it does something for the make-up of that company. It inspires employee buy-in, employee belief. If you say it, you begin to BELIEVE it. . .perhaps? Interesting theory, Cheatham. . .


If you haven’t had the chance, you should watch the Frontline documentary “Is Walmart Good For America?” It shows the absolute strategic nature of this economic and global retail chain authority. Love them or hate them, they have a formula in place, find the next location that fits that “formula”, and mold their employees into what they want with their well-thought-out company culture. Genius. Terrifying. Effective.

There have been many studies on company culture. It is well known that companies with an adaptive culture that is aligned to their business goals routinely outperform their competitors. Heck, some studies report the difference in revenue of more than 200% for companies who have such a culture. Really?


I have one word for you – Ninjaology. (Is this a real word? Yep, it is. I made it up, and therefore it is real.) But. . . what IS Ninjaology?

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