Just Another Ninja-rific Day

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to the word passion.  Now, I know I talk about passion a lot in my blogs and you’re probably starting to think that the Head Ninja around this joint has a stack of Harlequin Romance novels under her desk… (I pinky promise I don’t!)  But, nonetheless, passion is always at the forefront of my mind.

I think a lot about what I am passionate about.  And, I mean a lot.  I find it helps me find my center, it grounds me and shows me what is important in my life.

My love, the camera
My love, the camera

I am passionate about music (many of you know I compose music, and am a classically trained musician by trade), I am passionate about photography (anyone who follows me on Facebook is inundated with the millions of photos I post), I am passionate about helping others and being a productive member of my community (hello!  They don’t call me Charity Trish for nothing!), I’m passionate about being at the forefront of everything new in marketing and social media, I’m passionate about living the best life I can, and I’m passionate about being true to myself – regardless of what others think of me.

Today I was honored to be the guest speaker at the SIUE Mass Communications Department.  Professor Donald, a brilliant chap who I have come to very much admire, asked me to come and give a “pros” view of pr, media, management and marketing – especially from a woman’s point of view.

Of course I was honored.

And, true to form, my mind started to whirl.  I thought about what I could tell these students – as they get ready to head out into the big bad world – that would inspire them, relate to them, ready them.  I’m not going to lie.  I had a helluva good time coming up with my theme – “How To Be a Marketing Genius Like Lady Gaga” – but, I had an even better time getting up and laying it out to them straight.

I told the students about how I came up with the concept of Think Tank – and the future I see for Think Tank (how many times have I talked about all the offices I want to open around the world?!).  I told them about adopting a company culture, conducting yourself with integrity, and producing killer work.

The road less traveled is always more rewarding.
The road less traveled is always more rewarding.

But, more importantly, I told them the truth.  I told them to not expect anything.  That success doesn’t come to those who don’t work fiercely hard.  I told them that the straight road may be faster and look easier, but the windy ones with the kick-ass hills that you can put the pedal to the metal and hill hop are FAR more fun and rewarding in the end.

I told them to believe in themselves.

I have to tell you, those students rocked my socks off.  They were completely attentive – I could’ve heard a pin drop.  They were smart and asked interesting questions.  They laughed at my lame jokes.  They made me feel excited about the future.  Why?  Because if they are what I have to look forward to as employees and colleagues I’m gonna be one lucky girl.  Honestly, they plain made my day.

The 'Stang
The 'Stang

Leaving campus, putting the top down on the ‘Stang, and putting the pedal to the medal, I again thought about passion.  I thought about how passionate I was getting up there and talking to them.  I thought about how lucky I am to have a job where passion is appreciated.  I thought about how blessed I am to recognize passion, harness it with a big ol’ lasso, and pull that puppy in.  I thought about how I was going to make this day better than the last, and tomorrow better than today.

And then, I went and got some Annie’s Custard.  Why?  Because Ninjas are passionate about custard too, you know.

Be Fearless
Be Fierce
Be Yourself
Be Passionate!