A Ninja’s Right To Shoes

So I think I may have to be admitted into rehab.  I have a serious, serious addiction and I don’t think I can kick it on my own.  What is it, you may ask?  Alcohol?  Gambling?  Online social media?  Networking?  Working too much?  No, no, no!  My addiction is something that I am not even shameful of….I am addicted to shoes.

What is it about shoes?  Why are they so amazing?  How is it that they can take me from feeling so very average to feeling on top of the world with one tiny slip of my insole into a Manolo Blahnik?  Why is it when I am in an outfit from Old Navy and I put on a pair of Dolce & Gabanas and rock the Main Street sidewalk I feel as though I can CONQUER THE WORLD?  Hmmmm……

I pondered this very question as I shoe shopped the other day.  I walked into Nieman Marcus in St. Louis and did the “dance”.  I slowly go up the escalator, and make my way to the amazing shoe department.  I have this strange ritual where, as I walk up to the shoe department, I will not allow myself to actually LOOK at the shoes – as though there is an eclipse! – I will no allow direct eye contact until I am there, firmly in front of the shoes staring squarely upon the Christian Louboutins.

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