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Thank a Veteran Today. Freedom Is Not Free.

As a military brat I’ve always been sentimental when it comes to the fine men and women who serve our country. My own father was a Marine and spent over 20 years serving our country. He worked hard to balance a wife and a family…

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An Attitude of Gratitude

In honor of Thanksgiving I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year. This past year has brought all of us at Think Tank so much to be grateful for. Wonderful clients, a growing company, fabulous coworkers, amazing friends and so much…

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The Aftermath of CreateAthon

It’s late morning the day after CreateAthon.  As I sit here, looking at the empty office around me, I can’t help but feel a little emotional.  (Okay, maybe it’s because I’m slap happy and haven’t had any sleep, but, you know…)  The past 24 hours…

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Social Media Responsibility During Times of Crisis

Today another unthinkable act happened in America as we witnessed the bombings at the Boston Marathon.  And, while we won’t know what caused these explosions for quite some time, all signs point to a possible act of terrorism. Breaking news came first via Twitter and…

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Awesome is An Attitude

So, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to be awesome.  As Americans we use the word so generously throughout our culture … “Check out this awesome movie!” or “That dinner was awesome!”  But, what does awesome mean exactly? I’m here to tell…

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