CreateAthon 2013

It’s the Final Countdown for CreateAthon 2013!

It’s the final countdoooown! (Yes, we demand that you channel the band Europe and their infamous song from the 80s when you read this…)

That’s right, folks, it’s the final countdown to CreateAthon 2013 and we are less than 24 hours away from spanking the day with amazing probono marketing for our five chosen nonprofits. We are busy mentally and physically preparing for the big day tomorrow by doing very necessary things like trying on our rockin’ CreateAthon shirtsCreateAthon shirts, stocking up on caffeine and doing push-up contests. (Because, yes, push ups are CRITICAL to marketing. Ask anyone.)

We’ve had our development meetings with our five amazing nonprofits (Riverbend Down Syndrome Association, Edwardsville Children’s Museum, World Aquarium, Madison County Historical Society and Kellsie’s Hope Foundation) and we are excited about getting started tomorrow. Just like the past five years we’ve done CreateAthon, we will be busy devising innovative strategies for our nonprofits – things like cutting-edge social media strategies, new websites (yes, new websites!), custom HTML newsletters and strategic marketing campaigns. Boy, oh boy, are we excited!

We’ve created all of our projects lists and added them into our fancy schmancy trafficking system, we’ve gathered all of the files and information we’ll need for tomorrow, and we’ve assigned tasks to everyone in the office – even our mascot Oliver the Bulldog. (Come on, we are serious about this CreateAthon business! There’s no time for sleeping and snoring – not even for a bulldog.)

So, tonight we will channel our inner geniuses, give “high fives” to our other CreateAthon partners who are participating in this great event around the United States, and try to get to bed early. (No watching old Bon Jovi videos for the Head Ninja tonight – no siree!)

Ant then tomorrow we will hit the ground running with a fresh pot of coffee and a team meeting. From there we will be working our nimble Ninja fingers as fast as we can to make sure we get as much as possible accomplished for our worthy CreateAthon clients….all while just having a minute or two of fun!

Be sure to follow us and join in on the fun on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages – there you will find some of our shenanigans, some of our work, and so much of our heart. We Ninjas love CreateAthon.

Losing sleep never felt so good!