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Two More Days Until CreateAthon, Yo!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Yeah, you heard us – OH BOY! Only two more days until CreateAthon and the energy at Think Tank is palpable.

Today we met with more of our chosen 2012 CreateAthon clients and devised innovative strategies to implement for them… you know…like new websites, like search engine optimization techniques, like custom HTML email newsletters, like cutting-edge social media strategies, like How-To-Be-An-Honorary-Ninja-101. Oh, it is so very exciting!

We are also preparing mentally and physically for our big 24-hour design-a-thon. We’re stocking up on coffee and Red Bull. We practiced our lethal Krav Maga skills. We checked to make sure our pantry of protein shakes was ready for a nuclear holocaust. We did push-ups on our knuckles.

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CreateAthon Prep In Full Swing at Ninja Central!

Well, it’s almost here…our much-anticipated CreateAthon 2012 event. This week we are busy getting our ducks in a row – and you know how that goes when you’re preparing for a big event… We’re cleaning out the fridge, having our development meetings with our chosen CreateAthon nonprofits, dusting out the cobwebs from the corners (in case we pass out from exhaustion) and planning the ever-important “what are we going to eat/drink/wear/dance to for 24 hours”.

Today is Monday – a mere 3 days from the event – and we Ninjas gathered around the table for Day 1 of our development meetings with four of the chosen nonprofits. Tomorrow will be another day of the same. Today we met some amazing people – and their passion was absolutely contagious. We loved listening to their stories. We hung on every word like young girls at a Justin Bieber concert (okay, okay….maybe we’re exaggerating a touch there – but, really, we were enthralled!). Many of these clients started their nonprofits from scratch, all from an idea – a passion – for helping others in the world.

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Say What? Yep, It’s Time For CreateAthon 2012!

If you know anything about Ninja Central, you know that every year the Ninjas at Think Tank donate their time to a nationwide event called CreateAthon. CreateAthon is a 24-hour creative design blitz where we, and agencies throughout the United States, work to provide pro bono marketing services to local nonprofits.

This year CreateAthon will be held from September 20-21 and we couldn’t be more stoked.

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