The Integrity of Big Ass Fans

So, our team was sitting in a client meeting this week at the Tank and we were talking about branding. Now, before I launch into this terribly fascinating story, I need to set the scene for you…

Our client, the boys at Contegra Construction, are what we Ninjas here at the Tank call a dream client. (Shhhh…don’t tell them!) Focused, knowledgeable in their field, a blast to work with, and actually (gasp!) listen to the advice of wise Ninjas – the boys at Contegra are the kind of client that make you bound out of bed on a Monday morning with a spring in your step because you know you get to meet with them.

Contegra Construction - Construction With Integrity.  (Oh, and our awesome client.)
Contegra Construction. Their tagline says it all about ’em…Construction With Integrity. (Oh, and our awesome client.)

As usual, I’ve gone on a tangent…so, we were meeting with Contegra about their (if I do say so myself) gorgeous new website we are getting ready to launch. We were talking about the importance of social media and maintaining your brand via the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Now this is new territory for these guys, but like the true professionals they are, they have researched the heck out of it and understand the importance of it all. To reiterate this, they told us the story of the company Big Ass Fans.

Yes, at first I thought they were joking. Um, they weren’t.

Big Ass Fans started in 1999 as the HVLS Fan Company, but after 3 years in business they finally relented to the sentiments of their customers and renamed the company Big Ass Fans. Why? Well, because they design and manufacture just that – some really Big Ass Fans. (Oh, and of course, with that rebranding came the adoption of a mascot – now known as Fanny the Donkey. Um, yeah.)

The Big Ass Fan Website.  See, I told you it was real!
The Big Ass Fan Website. See, I told you it was real!

The Contegra boys were telling us how Big Ass Fans arguably might not be the BEST fans in the whole wide world (although I’m sure Fanny would disagree), but that everyone they know – including themselves! – purchase and use them because, well, they think that name is simply kick ass. And, they want to say, “Hey, Joe! Look at my Big Ass Fan!”

Scott, Russ, and Eric started talking about how Big Ass Fans had done a terrific job marketing their fans. And, thereby, CREATING fans. Contegra really likes their products, the vibe of the company, and how the company came out of nowhere to start spanking the competition in the industry. (Are they…NINJAS? Hmmm….will investigate this later…) They liked that the company has balls. Big balls. Balls to match the size of their big ass fans.

Isn’t this what marketing is all about?

The short answer…YEP.

Marketing – good marketing – is all about having a vision, seeing it through, and creating FANS – BIG ASS FANS. Just as the Big Ass Fan company did. You want your customers to feel as passionately about your brand as you do. When a marketing strategy is implemented properly this is precisely what happens. You turn customers into fans – and, if you’re good, big ass fans. We see this every day in our business – we create this every day in our business. It’s what Ninjas (and apparently donkeys?!) do.

Thanks, Contegra for sharing such an fantastic story with the Ninjas. Oh, and thanks Big Ass Fans for being so kick ass that you named your company something so awesome.

I guess I should get back to implementing marketing strategies for all of our clients. Hmm…hey, I think I’m feeling sort of warm on this humid St. Louis summer day… Maybe I should head out and buy a fan?

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