Where There’s A Wang, There’s A Way

So, only a few short months ago I received this phone call, “Yo, Trish.  I have this idea.  I want to franchise a restaurant.  I want to create it from scratch.  I wanna call it Wang Gang.”  After admittedly giggling uncontrollably for a few seconds, I then realized that my client – who, by the way, is crazy like a fox, was absolutely DEAD SERIOUS.  We scheduled a meeting for the next day.

What then started was an absolute whirlwind.  It started with a logo, and then turned into a complete branding process.  It was the first time a client reminded me of myself – and I held on for dear life and enjoyed the ride.

After months of work, revisions, thinking outside the box, menu tastings, commercial development, and blood, sweat and tears; Wang Gang Asian Cuisine was born.  Watching people walk into this sleek, hip, funky, P.F. Chang-esque establishment this past weekend literally took my Ninja breath away.  The music was rockin’, the decor was rockin’, and I’ve gotta tell ya – the food was ESPECIALLY ROCKIN’!!!

I sat there, like a proud parent watching her child SLAY the “popular kid” in a piano recital, and nearly choked up with emotion.  It is amazing what can happen when someone has vision and puts the right people by their side.  My client picked an amazing chef, an amazing business model, and an amazing positive attitude.  I couldn’t be more proud to have myself and my Ninjas as part of his team.

I also don’t think I have ever eaten more in my entire life.

I also don’t think I have celebrated more at the “after party” either.

This all was a lesson to me.  Where There’s a Wang – There’s a Way.  What might seem, at first, a silly or even unattainable idea might just turn out to be the best thing that has come your way in a long, long while.  I can tell you this – my taste buds can DEFINITELY say that Wang Gang is the best thing that has come their way in years!

So, if you are in the Metro St. Louis area and you want some of the best food your mouth has tasted in eons, make sure you stop by Wang Gang. (www.wanggangasian.com)  Tell ‘em Trish sent ya.  Oh, and don’t you DARE leave without having the Crab Rangoon and the chocolate rolls.  And then write me in profuse thanks.  I can take it.