CreateAthon Prep In Full Swing at Ninja Central!

Look at our sparkling clean fridge ready for CreateAthon!

Well, it’s almost here…our much-anticipated CreateAthon 2012 event.  This week we are busy getting our ducks in a row – and you know how that goes when you’re preparing for a big event…  We’re cleaning out the fridge, having our development meetings with our chosen CreateAthon nonprofits, dusting out the cobwebs from the corners (in case we pass out from exhaustion) and planning the ever-important “what are we going to eat/drink/wear/dance to for 24 hours”.

Today is Monday – a mere 3 days from the event – and we Ninjas gathered around the table for Day 1 of our development meetings with four of the chosen nonprofits. Tomorrow will be another day of the same.  Today we met some amazing people – and their passion was absolutely contagious.  We loved listening to their stories.  We hung on every word like young girls at a Justin Bieber concert (okay, okay….maybe we’re exaggerating a touch there – but, really, we were enthralled!). Many of these clients started their nonprofits from scratch, all from an idea – a passion – for helping others in the world.

Let me tell you, it is rare you’ll ever encounter a quiet Ninja at Think Tank, but today we sat and listened as those big wheels in our heads started turning.  We thought about how we could devise innovative strategies.  We visualized beautiful, glossy print pieces.  We dreamed about attention-grabbing ad campaigns.

And we listened.

And we scribbled notes.

Some of the Ninjas posing with four of our CreateAthon nonprofits!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to meeting more of our CreateAthon nonprofits, listening to more stories, strategizing more big ideas.  We are especially looking forward to tomorrow because it brings us one whole day closer to our big event – which will kick off at 8:30 am on Thursday morning and will last a whole rockin’ 24 hours straight.

We hope you are following our journey on Facebook and Twitter and we REALLY hope you will be stopping by to visit us during CreateAthon or watch us as we stream live video throughout the event.  (You can watch us here!)  But, more importantly, we are looking forward to helping these amazing organizations with the burst they need in the marketplace – like launching a beautiful, shinning star into orbit.

Ahhhhh…3 more days…