Two More Days Until CreateAthon, Yo!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Yeah, you heard us – OH BOY!  Only two more days until CreateAthon and the energy at Think Tank is palpable.

Today we met with more of our chosen 2012 CreateAthon clients and devised innovative strategies to implement for them… you know…like new websites, like search engine optimization techniques, like custom HTML email newsletters, like cutting-edge social media strategies, like How-To-Be-An-Honorary-Ninja-101.  Oh, it is so very exciting!

The Ninjas With Our CreateAthon Client, The Children’s Museum

We are also preparing mentally and physically for our big 24-hour design-a-thon.  We’re stocking up on coffee and Red Bull.  We practiced our lethal Krav Maga skills.  We checked to make sure our pantry of protein shakes was ready for a nuclear holocaust.  We did push-ups on our knuckles.

(Um, hello, we’re SERIOUS about this CreateAthon business!)

As we waited in great anticipation for our custom t-shirts that we designed to arrive we set up our channel on UStream for our live webcam streaming so that you, our loyal Ninja followers, can watch us during our creative process.  We checked in with our other CreateAthon partners and gave them big “high fives” in anticipation of us all hitting the ground running on Thursday morning.  (We love those peeps!)

Our Shirts – Can’t Wait to Get ‘Em!

And, tomorrow…the last day of waiting…

Tomorrow we will begin assigning tasks and making lists.  We will leave the office at 5:00 sharp and tell ourselves that we’ll be going to bed early in anticipation for the next big day.  (And we swear we won’t get distracted by reality tv!)  We’ll get our thinking caps out, dust them off, and channel the kind of excitement Ferris Bueller had when he convinced Cameron to let him drive his Dad’s 1961 Ferrari 250 GT.

Oh, this is gonna be good…..really, really good!