CreateAthon 2015 is Just Around the Corner!

12112336_10153253255632309_5391222371888006566_nIt’s the most wonderful time of the year at Ninja Central! That’s right, one short week from today we will be knee deep into CreateAthon, which is hands down our favorite time of the year.

As many of you know, each year the Ninjas here at Think Tank donate our time to a nationwide event called CreateAthon, a 24-hour creative design blitz where we, and agencies throughout the United States, work to provide pro bono marketing services to local nonprofits.

This year CreateAthon will be held from October 21-22 and we are super excited to be hosting this year’s event from our new, fantabulous space in Laclede’s Landing. It will offer us so much more room for creative meetings, storyboarding and video production. (Uh huh, we said video!)

2015 marked a record year for submissions for our program and it took much debating, scoring and arm wrestling to narrow it down to our five lucky recipients. There were so many worthy organizations and we truly wish we could help them all!

So…drum roll please… this year’s recipients are … Riverbend Family Ministries, Art Saint Louis, It’s Your Birthday, Inc., Burns Recovered Support Group and the Megan Meier Foundation.

Early next week we will have our big development meetings with our chosen nonprofits where we will begin our creative briefs and storyboarding and figure out how we can best help them.  It’s a special time for us as we listen to their stories, absorb their passion and figure out ways to help them make a difference in all they do.

And, you know us, we will be documenting our CreateAthon process every step of the way on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook –  so be sure to check us out all next week and follow along! We always love cheerleaders as we are working those 24 hours – especially if they visit us with food….or coffee…or comfy socks….or neck massages….or chocolate…or….JUST SAYIN’!

The countdown has begun! Go, CreateAthon, Go!