What Do Ninjas and Tanks Have in Common?

The Think Tank Ninjas have a lot in common with tanks these days. And, it’s not just because we are steamrolling right over our clients’ competitors. (Although, let’s face it, we rock at that). It is because we have a new company mascot – Oliver “The Tank” Cheatham.

Our Mascot Oliver "The Tank"
Our Mascot Oliver "The Tank"

Yep, it’s the perfect marriage between ninjas and tanks. Sweet, affable, funny, and loveable – our new English bulldog pup Oliver steals everyone’s heart as soon as they meet him. He is a natural comedienne, much like the Ninjas at Think Tank.

Oliver is the most loyal of companions and fears nothing – slow and steady he just keep on a’ coming like the massive tank he is– jowls jiggling – daring anyone who wants to challenge his girth. So Ninja.

Oliver has brought a lot of joy (and the typical bulldog flatulence) to Think Tank. He never fails to cheer us up, help inspire us, and give us a necessary distraction when we are working through breakfast. . . and lunch. . . and dinner . . . and all night . . .

We KNOW you wanna see “The Tank” in action. So, head on up to Ninja Central any given day of the week and treat yourself to a dose of Oliver. You’ll be loved on, you’ll be slobbered on, we may have to issue you a gas mask, and you will be impressed with this puppy’s tenacity (especially when it comes to attacking sleep with vigor and excessive snoring). You’ll walk out just as in love as we are.

Welcome to the Ninjahood, Oliver!