Trish Cheatham

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[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]C[/bra_dropcaps]utting her teeth on design and public relations from a tiny Ninja baby on, Trish was raised as a military brat by a Public Relations Master (also known as Dad.) Always involved in areas of marketing and creativity, Trish saw a need for a different approach to marketing after working extensively with large non-profit groups. With that in mind, Trish dreamed of starting a non-traditional boutique type agency that produced unique, award winning work while giving unparalleled customer service…thus Think Tank was born.

With a strong background in marketing communications, creative concept development, and strategic business planning; Trish’s passion is growing her clients’ businesses. From restaurant franchises to large manufacturing companies to companies branching out into new product development – this is where you will find Trish gleefully using her carefully honed Ninja skills.

Aside from being the Head Ninja at Ninja Central, Trish is passionately committed to many charitable organizations throughout the St. Louis area, serving on several boards. Her philosophy of giving back and paying it forward is the foundation of both her company and her life.

When Trish isn’t helping nonprofits you can find her hanging out with her awesome 15 year-old son, giggling at the antics of her hilarious dogs (and mascots) Oliver and Jazz, and riding around soaking up the sun while singing loudly to Bon Jovi in her topless Jeep on a warm, sunny day. (Seriously, she is the biggest Bon Jovi fan we’ve ever seen!)

Her hobbies include yoga, dabbling in professional photography, attending art shows, reading good books, and exploring and traveling the world. A lesser known fact about Trish? She went to high school in Japan – which just may explain her fascination with Ninjas…

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