Tina Tebbe


tina-profile[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]S[/bra_dropcaps]ince the ripe age of 2, an age in which she could easily assign the name of animate and inanimate objects to living and nonliving things (respectively!), Tina has been a ninja in training with a fierce love of the English language and all it encompasses. This is one ninja that is so in love with English that she used to diagram sentences and song lyrics in high school and college – FOR FUN!! She obtained her amazing English know-how from Papa Ninja (a.k.a. Dad), who is also in the journalism and PR biz.

Tina is a recent graduate of McKendree University, and while she reigned over the campus for four glorious years, she was highly active in the university’s yearbook and newspaper, the Honors Program, the Newman Group, the marching and concert bands, Campus Activities Board, and even J.A.P.A.N. (Just Awesome People Admiring Nippon) – she was even the president of J.A.P.A.N.! She was also the vice president of Sigma Tau Delta, the English Honor Society, and a member of Phi Kappa Phi, the most exclusive honor society in the university world! An aspiring artist and author, this ninja has had her poems and drawings featured in The Montage, McKendree’s annual literary booklet.

The Eloquent Ninja has also been highly involved in the education scene. She has taught high school English and Spanish in Morrisonville, Ill. for two years, and is currently translating for a Spanish-speaking student at a local high school in the area. When she’s not translating or writing awesome blogs, Tina is drawing, working on her 1st novel, playing video games, playing trumpet or drums, or hanging out with her awesome husband Brent and her ninja-in-training beagle, Midna. She also gives her time helping her husband with his bands and choruses at Okawville High School.


[bra_graph_container][bra_graph Title=”Creative Copywriting” Percent=”100″][bra_graph Title=”Proofreading” Percent=”100″][bra_graph Title=”Language Learning Powers” Percent=”90″][bra_graph Title=”Nintendo Game Prowess” Percent=”98″][bra_graph Title=”Daydreaming About the Great Lakes” Percent=”95″][/bra_graph_container]

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