Think Tank Tina Tebbe Senior Copywriter

Tina Tebbe | Senior Copywriter

From a young age, Tina knew she wanted to work with words. She immersed herself in languages and books, often taking a wagon full of books home from the library to read (and subsequently finish within a day or two). Her love for the written word grew as she began crafting her own tales, both in and out of the academic setting. She’s even submitted some of her short stories to local contests and has had a few of her poems published.

Tina’s love for language spills over into Spanish and Japanese as well. A former high school English and Spanish teacher, she has helped the team at Think Tank translate copy for videos, print materials, and more. She’s also learning Japanese on her own and with her friends – in fact, she and her coworkers learn a new word or phrase for the Japanese Word of the Day back in the Copywriting Corner!

When this McKendree University graduate isn’t busy writing blogs, press releases, and web copy, she can be found playing video games, reading voraciously, drawing, dreaming of her next road trip with her husband Brent, hanging out with her beagle Midna, and drumming up new ways to prank her coworkers.

Quoting Obscure Genesis Song Lyrics: 95%

Winning Tetris Attack Tournaments: 100%

Gathering Crow Army: 85%

Writing Copy While Listening to Some Absurd 10-Hour-Long Meme: 72%

Wondering if Greg Sterling is Judging Her: 54%