Think Tank Sydnee Picha account executive

Sydnee Picha | Account Executive

Sydnee graduated from The University of Missouri earning a Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. During her time at Mizzou, Sydnee was a member of Delta Gamma and loved making memories with her friends. After graduation, she moved to Kansas City for a short period of time before she moved back to her hometown of St. Louis. Despite her love for travel and trying new things, she can’t seem to stay away from STL. 

Sydnee’s career began in sales and she also had a short experience in finance, but marketing has always been her passion. Whether it is client service, event marketing, design, or project management, she enjoys every aspect of it to make her client’s vision come to life. 

Outside of work, Sydnee enjoys reading a book, planning her next trip (most times to somewhere warm), or binge-watching Bravo television. She loves spending time with her family and friends, especially now that she recently became an aunt. Sydnee’s hobbies also include working out and going out to dinner with her friends.

Enjoying warm weather: 100%

Reading the book before the movie comes out: 85%

Crossing things off her to-do list: 99%

Traveling: 75%

Debating when she should get a dog: 95%