Ollyn Weber social media manager

Ollyn Weber | Social Media Manager

Ollyn “Ollie” is a Saint Louis native raised proudly in the city from Soulard to South Hampton. Surviving all the childhood trials and tribulations of not knowing how to “correctly” say brewery or what regular ravioli is outside of toasted. 

They have been a story teller since birth and love nothing more than the stories of people. That’s what brought them so social media managing, one hand is held to different social media platforms and the other is note taking the translation of memes and drama. 

When not immersed in and reporting on social media, Ollie can be found working on writing or art projects. When the weather is nice they do tend to go on adventures for a change of scenery and new foods. 

Em Dashes and Commas: 60%

Odd Fact: 50%

Cat Lover: 100%

Foodie: 40%