Think Tank Lindsay Cranmer Video Editor/Videographer

Lindsay Cranmer | Video Editor/Videographer

Lindsay is a St. Louis native, born and raised. Lindsay has been a film lover as long as she can remember; she spent her early years double-dipping movie screenings with her dad, notably Jurassic Park and Homeward Bound.

Lindsay is also an avid music lover as well as musician, and has played in various music projects since 2007.

Lindsay graduated from Webster University in 2011 and has been involved in every aspect of video production ever since. Although Lindsay loves every aspect of video production, she really finds her stride in the editing suite.

Lindsay currently lives in South St. Louis with her astrophysics musician boyfriend / life partner-in-crime Joel. Their two cats Biggs and Wedge, and their dog Ripley have graciously allowed them to live in their home. When they are not playing music, they can be found playing board games or hiking with their dog. They are also co-owners of Escape From St. Louis, an escape room in Maplewood, MO. 

Mad Guitar Skills: 88%

Snuggling My Pets: 100%

Movie Trivia: 90%

Eating All the Foods: 95%

Sarcasm: 69%