Think Tank Kelli Porta graphic designer

Kelli Porta | Graphic Designer

Kelli loves all things creative. Her curiosity has given her the skill sets she has today and a deeper understanding of marketing, digital design, and anything else she wants to explore! Her professional travels have taken her from graphic design to UX/UI design, social media, and even project management. While Kelli loves to feed her soul with new career adventures, her heart is all about creativity and helping others to find it and express it. 

Speaking of adventures, Kelli absolutely loves to travel. She is always planning a trip. It could be visiting a national park for hiking, an anniversary trip with her husband to Disney World, a major city to explore and see a baseball game, or an activity like white water rafting, kayaking, or visiting a haunted house. 

When not working or traveling, Kelli is adventuring throughout St. Louis, looking for the best coffee shops, hiking somewhere in the woods, getting lost in a good book or movie, or serving her duties as the master of the red dot her two cats can’t seem to catch. 

Quoting Princess Bride or a Disney Movie: 85%

Wearing Mismatching Socks: 100%

Playing Pranks on Her Husband: 50%

Following the Speed Limit: 37%

Looking for recommendations for good food: 100%