Josh Byrum


Josh Byrum[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]J[/bra_dropcaps]osh is a native Texan but has lived in St. Louis almost all of his life.  He started college as a Hotel & Restaurant Management major, but finally fulfilled his parent’s dreams by embracing his inner geek and graduating from Webster University with a degree in Interactive Digital Media (they would have preferred Engineering, but this is as close as he would get).  He’s been Think Tank’s “web ninja” since January 2015 but he can still toss a mean pizza crust!

When he’s not building web sites, Josh enjoys watching and playing all types of sports, playing video games, listening to a wide variety of music and hanging with his family.  Most of the time it’s pretty difficult to distinguish which is the seven year old – Josh or his son Lucas!

[bra_graph_container][bra_graph Title=”Throwing Pizza Dough” Percent=”100″][bra_graph Title=”Reciting Shakespeare” Percent=”7″][bra_graph Title=”Knowing Random Facts ” Percent=”76″][bra_graph Title=”Obeying Traffic Laws” Percent=”32″][bra_graph Title=”Fitting in with the 7yr olds” Percent=”87″][/bra_graph_container]

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