Jazz the bulldog

Jazz The Bulldog


Jazz our marketing mascot[bra_dropcaps style=”dropcap1″]M[/bra_dropcaps]eet our mascot Jazz (also known as Snazzy Jazzy the bulldog). Jazz was a rescue dog from Partners For Pets who lived her previous life in foster care as an outreach dog teaching young kids at schools and the general public about her breed and how important it is to adopt and foster animals in need.

Sweet, loving and extremely stealthy (you seriously will never hear her coming – just like a true Ninja) Jazz is easy to fall in love with and a real snugglebug during our brainstorming sessions at Ninja Central.

Legend has it that Jazz was adopted by Think Tank because she blended right in with the decor and because she showed off her stealthy walking skills but we know better. Jazz was adopted because she is, hands down, one of the best doggies in the world and we fell in love with her big brown eyes, wet nose and cute bully-talk.


[bra_graph_container][bra_graph Title=”Crawling Into Ninja Laps” Percent=”85″][bra_graph Title=”Hitting Elbows With Wet Nose” Percent=”90″][bra_graph Title=”Running In Her Dreams” Percent=”92″][bra_graph Title=”Sneaking Food From Trash Cans” Percent=”76″][bra_graph Title=”Making Everyone Fall in Love With Her” Percent=”100″][/bra_graph_container]

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