Think Tank Hayley Morgan ui and ux designer

Hayley Morgan | UI/UX Designer

It’s 2005, and Hayley just spent an hour picking out the perfect font and color scheme for her AOL Instant Messenger away message. The end result? A cyan background with magenta text (Comic Sans or Bradley Hand ITC, of course):  

“~*~bRb ~*~ mOm NeEdS tHe CoMp”

Growing up this was a pattern for Hayley. She only cared how things looked and functioned. Barbies? Making them new outfits out of gel pen-colored toilet paper was her top priority. The Sims? A perfectly designed house was the only thing that mattered. MySpace? Her friends must experience the perfect music and layout when they visit her page.

Fast forward to present day. With her designer mindset, it’s clear that Hayley would end up in the creative field. She received her bachelor’s degree in graphic design and hit the ground running at Think Tank ever since.

When she’s not busy designing, Hayley loves spending time with her dogs, Izzy and Luna, checking up on the latest trends in UI/UX, watching ALL the trashy reality TV, or blending up the best margaritas in the Metro East.

Designing User Experiences: 99%

Using Comic Sans: 0%

Spanish Karaoke: 53%

Bringing Back The 90s and 00s: 90%

iPhone Charging: 1%