Think Tank Carla Haines junior graphic designer

Carla Haines | Junior Graphic Designer

Carla is a South City St. Louis Native who has a love for all things creative. She developed her passion for supporting small businesses in high school and ended up receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Entrepreneurship and a minor in marketing/advertising from Webster University. Her love for creativity inspired her to attend Chicago Portfolio School post-grad where she was able to study design from top creatives in the advertising industry. She seeks beauty of every day life through her photography ventures and design projects. 

In her spare time you can find her at a concert venue enjoying some music or at the farmer’s market snacking on some local treats. She also has a passion for collecting cookbooks and obsessively watching the Food Network. New restaurant just opened up in town? She’ll probably already be there.  

Browsing on Pinterest: 98%

Making a new Spotify playlist: 75%

Not having a fruity cocktail: 15%

Trying to figure out her next photography project: 80%

Imitating Gordon Ramsay: 60%