Think Tank Brandon Knott Video Editor/Videographer

Brandon Knott | Video Editor/Videographer

Originally born in Nashville, Tennessee, Brandon has lived in many cities throughout the United States. After an incredible stint in New York City, Brandon and his family found their way back to St. Louis during the pandemic and haven’t looked back.

After first picking up a camera 12 years ago to start a “Foil Man” saga, Brandon hasn’t stopped shooting since. Brandon has a technical mind and is great at troubleshooting and figuring things out. Drive and ambition has never lacked in the mind of Brandon and progression has always been his goal heading toward the pylon. He believes you might as well give it your all as we all are going to die one day!

Being Goofy: 75%

Boring: 1%

Connect 4 Competitiveness and Mastery: 100%

Foodie: 100%

Husband and Father: 100%