Think Tank Becca Grandidier social media manager

Becca Grandidier | Social Media Manager

Becca is your typical social media-loving millennial. She prides herself on being the first in her class freshman year of high school to have Facebook and using Instagram to “edit” photos when no one else was using it at the time.

When she isn’t staring at her phone or a computer to update a status or a tweet, Becca can be found hiking with her dog, going to the gym, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series. She also spends her time volunteering for STL Dog Moms.

Her love for Instagram and pretty pictures has also inspired her to start traveling more. Her favorite place to take a picture is in the mountains in Colorado.

Eating Donuts: 97%

Random Shark Knowledge: 92%

Forcing her Dog to Take Pictures: 100%

Finishing an Entire Series Before Starting a New One: 23%

Being on Top of the Latest Social Media Trend: 100%