Think Tank Andy Painter Copywriter/PR Specialist

Andy Painter | Copywriter/PR Specialist

Andy Painter was born to write press releases (and eat hot wings). If you don’t believe us, just check past newspapers from every year since his birth to see all of the media attention his birthday garnered. It’s only a coincidence that he was born on New Year’s Day. 

While he prefers content that is concise in his press releases, he has always been quite the storyteller. Whether he was telling his parents some crazy tale to get out of trouble or sharing his unique experience working with the St. Louis Cardinals radio booth with his friends, Andy knows how to be engaging.

Growing up in St. Louis, Andy has always been one to ask where everyone else went to high school. However, he would only ask someone to find out if he knew a guy on their men’s volleyball team. Competitive volleyball was a part of Andy’s life for 12 years as he played sand, club, high school volleyball – and also stepped in as a practice player for Maryville University’s women’s team. Now he just plays to have fun – winning games every now and then.

Hot Sauce Connoisseur: 100%

Pokémon Master: 99%

Video Game Specialist: 90%

Quoting 90’s Nickelodeon: 85%

Big Brother Super Fan: 70%