Think Tank Andrew Darling Account Executive

Andrew Darling | Account Executive

Andrew Darling grew up wanting to be a dinosaur hunter, a robot, and then an actor, in that order. Realizing all of these career paths were far too easy, he studied communications. Studying the ancient audiovisual arts and working as a backpack multimedia journalist forged the man-boy into a man-man. Bradley University commended him a bachelor’s degree in communications and a special edition DVD of Shrek 2 for his outstanding work.

The plucky, young Eagle Scout/Thespian, bored with the United States after college, immigrated to Japan. Living there for 6 years, he became fluent in Japanese, married the only woman who could ever tame him, and helped the Japanese government with their English speaking needs and projects. He taught English to students of all ages during the week and moonlighted as a sous chef/interpreter at the local bed & breakfast on weekends.

Now on the run from his past for crimes he didn’t commit, he returned to the last place anyone would expect to find him – the St. Louis metropolitan area (where he had lived most of his life). After getting bit by a radioactive marketing specialist, his love for marketing, consulting, and SEO grew. Think Tank was an obvious choice due to its close proximity to a spaghetti factory.

When he isn’t working extremely hard for his clients’ satisfaction, he enjoys honing his sexy hobbies: karaoke, cooking Japanese cuisine, and reading books. When he doesn’t feel like doing those, he probably just plays video games.

Connect with Andrew on LinkedIn! You might learn something by reading his articles about Japan and marketing. He loves learning new things, so teach him a thing or two.

Gentleman: 100%

日本語を話せること: 80%

Earning Certificates and Taping Them to his Desk: 44%

Hiding his Power Level: 99%

How Much of the Human Body is Approximately Water: 60%