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A Ninja’s Right To Shoes

So I think I may have to be admitted into rehab. I have a serious, serious addiction and I don’t think I can kick it on my own. What is it, you…

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I’ll Give Ya A “Two Finger” Rule!

Okay, so the strangest thing happened to me tonight.  After a long day at the office (which consisted of a couple very fun logo designs and networking with other awesome local creatives at the coffee shop), I decided to rest my weary bones at the…

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Where There’s A Wang, There’s A Way

So, only a few short months ago I received this phone call, “Yo, Trish.  I have this idea.  I want to franchise a restaurant.  I want to create it from scratch.  I wanna call it Wang Gang.”  After admittedly giggling uncontrollably for a few seconds,…

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