Zachary McDaniel Editor and Motion Graphics Designer

Zach, a bona fide flatlander, was born and raised in Illinois just a stone’s throw away from the Big City(St. Louis). He graduated from the University of Missouri – St Louis with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. There, he studied graphic communications and motion design. Before he entered the design field, his dream was to be a cinematographer. At some point, he figured he’d split the difference and pursue animating.

Having seen Jackie Chan’s magnum opus Rumble in the Bronx a lot as a kid, he considers himself as close to a ninja as a man of his skeletal physique will ever get. In his spare time he enjoys honing his illustration technique, building Gundam models, and playing video games with the boys. According to Zach, his cats Sebastian and Muta are the light of his life, but don’t tell his girlfriend he said that. Any given Saturday you can find him at his favorite cafe, Foundation Grounds. He recommends the quiche and is totally, 100% not being paid to say that.
  • Recommending Philip K Dick novels 91%

  • Obsessing over Blade Runner 100%

  • Baking peanut butter cookies 86%

  • Cooking literally anything else 12%

  • Genuinely enjoying Christmas music 95%