We’re Watching You, Egypt…

Like many Americans, I have been watching the crisis in Egypt play out closely. It is worrisome to think about how the uprising in Egypt could literally change the course of the world. Each day more violence seems to bubbling up with more people hurt, jailed or even killed.

I am a child of a military family – my Dad, Grandfather, uncles, aunts and brother all have served our country. I have lived all over the world, went to high school in Japan, watched my Dad go off for “war games” (a term for practice in the military) in Korea.

I was the child who sat glued to the television during the Iran Hostage crisis in 1979 and wore a white band around my little arm to show solidarity until the hostages were freed on January 20, 1981. I am the girl who organized a letter writing campaign in Cincinnati, Ohio to the Marines in Beirut in 1983. (Which subsequently was my first foray into PR as I was asked to be on the syndicated Bob Braun Show for my efforts…)

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