Josh Coursey Copywriter/SEO Expert

Josh CourseyJosh was born in St. Louis but spent a chunk of his childhood trying to keep Austin weird. He eventually found himself back in Missouri, where he learned to answer the classic Midwestern question “Where did you go to high school?” After a year at Lindenwood University, Josh transferred to Georgia State University and graduated Summa Cum Laude with degrees in English and Film. In other words, he writes good [sic] and knows far more entertainment trivia than the average human probably should. While in college, Josh won hearts with speeches about Nicholas Sparks films—speeches likely written out of a subconscious effort to prove his middle school English teacher wrong when she said a Barbie band-aide was the closest he’d ever get to a “hot blonde.”

A creative writer to the core, Josh is a published poet and is currently writing (mostly thinking about writing) his second full-length screenplay. When he’s not working on his stealth skills at HQ, this Ninja-in-training is either behind his laptop or a marked-up copy of T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land at a coffee shop. Josh owns (rather, is owned by) two cats: Thelma and Louise.

  • Unintentionally Rhyming 95%

  • Jar Jar Binks Impressions 81%

  • Winning Coin Tosses 50%

  • Pop Culture Allusions 98%

  • Memorizing Pi 3.14159265%

  • Finding Symbolism in Literature 89%