Jenny Anderson

Jenny AndersonThe daughter of artists, Jenny has spent all of her life in a very visual world. She spent her childhood drawing and cutting paper for collages, knowing design was her future. She earned her BFA from the University of Kansas, Lawrence, and spent her junior year in southern England at a small art college with weekend trips to London to wander the amazing museums and markets.

Jenny prides herself on her flexibility, skill for listening more than talking, and loves to solve communication problems. Early in her career, when clients couldn’t afford custom illustration, she developed that skill, too. She has built her 28-year career in St. Louis designing for the retail, CPG/beer, higher education, agriculture and non-profit industries, among others.

On her time off, you can find Jenny hanging out with her teenage daughter practicing yoga, hiking or watching the Gilmore Girls series (for the first time!) A lifelong musician with diverse music loves from ’80s punk to folk to early jazz, she also keeps busy as a French horn player with the St. Louis Civic Orchestra and is a Girl Scout Co-Leader.

  • Love of branding across multiple channels 100%

  • Has studied sustainability, green technologies and best business practices for years (maybe just a GREENIE?) 95%

  • Total theater (goer) geek 80%

  • Pretty decent trivia contestant (lots of local Trivia Nights) 75%

  • Vegetable gardener 50%