Alexi Chadbourne

Alexi ChadbourneAlexi is a graphic designer and illustrator who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. Whether at work or play, she’s always striving to push her own limits and challenge herself. She has a passion for hand-crafted design and creating visual languages to communicate with the world.

Alexi was born and raised in St. Louis, but new adventures carried her away to Kansas City for college. After a few years of late-night doodling in the studio and 4-hour design critiques, she earned her BFA from Avila University and even won a Gold National Addy for Graphic Design! Now she’s back home in STL and putting her degree to work.

Alexi loves the smell of fresh ink off the press and is a recovering font hoarder. When she’s not obsessing over every detail of her design projects, she can usually be found savoring a cup of tea with her dog or hunched over a sketchbook at 3 AM chasing inspiration.

  • Graphic Design 100%

  • Doodling on any available surface 95%

  • Quoting/Singing badly anything from any Broadway musical 87%

  • Font Identifying 99%

  • Making puns 55%